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Who we are ?

Beta cube is a tech Venture builder that invests, builds, and grows B2B-based startups in Fintech and Mobility solutions.


We systematically transform ideas into businesses. Ideas and use cases come from entrepreneurs or corporate partners . We are hands- on cofounders, delivering sprints from Ideation to MVP.


Our Mission

           Create the next wave of successful B2B
           tech startups

Our Vision

           Democratize tech and connect
           entrepreneurs globally

What we Do ?

Discover our Approach


We bring together the systematic and investor side of a venture builder and the knowledge-based and content-oriented side of an incubator

Our model is venture builder meets incubator that allows the search, creation, and growth of a Tech B2B startup.

Our Value Proposition

    • Step by step program to go from idea to an established business
    • Get pre-seed investment, build your MVP and validate your market
    • Get access to Software Developers to build your MVP
    • Access to an international network of mentors, experts, and investors

Our Entrepreneurs

    • International talents, who would like to start a business out of their country of residence while leveraging the value proposition of BetaCube
    • Professionals with business experience and acumen along with some entrepreneurial knowledge
    • Ready to commit to build a successful startup
    • Are looking for a tech co-founder

Our Program

    • Personalized, 6-months long, divided into 3 main sprints: Ideation, Creation, and Investment
    • The business ideas are either based on use cases provided by our partners or generated by the entrepreneur
    • The 3 sprints will take the startup from zero to MVP
    • Tech, legal, managerial, and financial support & resources will be provided
What we Do ?

Our Portfolio

We build tech startups in B2B focusing on AI in the B2B sector, Here are few of our companies :

Our Partners

We partner with corporations and technology drivers from all over the world.

Our partners offer mentoring, investment, use cases, or tech resources


Our Team

What we Do ?

Our Board

What we Do ?

What Our Partners Say


Let's get in touch !

Our dynamic and professional team are focused on producing integrated advertising, digital and branded experiences to amplify your business.


  • @ : contact@betacube.io